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[There ain’t enough raised right men.]

“You see, I’m just waiting for Glee to do ‘The Tom Waits’ show, cause then I think you’ll see this guy’s true colors.  They’re primed for it.”



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[I’m eating this tortilla soup for you and Hector Elizondo.]

I’ve ruined my sleep schedule.  I’ve filled my self with single serving pizzas.  I’ve slaved over a pot of boiling soup.  I’ve crumbled chips and grated cheese.  I’ve done this for you.  I’ve done this for us.

Presented here, for the first time, is Chaperone’s fledgling podcast.  It’s rough, it’s self-indulgent, it’s free.

For those who don’t know (namely, all of you), the podcast is something we’re going to try to do every other week, and, doubtless, something that we’ll never get much better at.  Think of it as the geese in Fly Away Home.  Only permanently grounded.  And Anna Paquin-less.

Now, before we put this out into the world, a few disclaimers:

1. With apologies to my family, this episode contains coarse language, not suitable for the ears of ladies or gentlemen of more delicate sensibilities (you’ve been warned, Rutherford Bloomsfield Featherbottom III).  I’ll be working on a clean version, which you can expect within the next few days.  So, mom and dad, please wait for that one.  I love you.

2. We’ll solve problems as we continue with this experiment, but if you notice anything glaring (excluding the clear problems with our collective taste levels) send us an email: chaperonemusic@gmail.com

3. For those who enjoy footnotes, please see here (at the 4:50 mark) and here.

4. If you’d like to be a guest on a future podcast, recommend a topic or receive a mix, please email us at the aforementioned address.  We’ll be more than willing to oblige.  Maybe too willing.  Hide your kids, hide your wife, etc…

Well, my loves, without further ado, please enjoy episode 101 of the poorly named Chaptraxx (the extra ‘x’ is for Professor Xaviar, an ardent supporter of both mutant rights and podcasting.)



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