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[Let’s Just Call It ‘Smell Ya Later’.]

Hey. Yeah. I know. Let’s move on.

After what seems like a blissful eternity, our own Shaylah Kloska, friend to man and animal, has decided to step down from her post as Chaperone’s most talented and well-loved member.

It’s with a heavy, yet happy heart that we tell her here, in the public forum of the internet, that we love her with the entirety of our being. From heel to head. Stem to stern. Root Chakra to whatever the topmost Chakra is. Shaylah, you’ve been an inspiration and we are going to miss you desperately.

Please join all of us in saying ‘so long, farewell, etc…’ to Shaylah (and the current incarnation of Chaperone) at The Beat Kitchen on January 28th, which is also, coincidentally, Shaylah’s birthday. Presents are encouraged. As is cake.

Tickets are available at The Beat Kitchen’s website, and all of your friends are invited. Even the one with the eyepatch.

This is going to be one for the books.


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[Superheroes for life, until our shows vanish.]

We need you here tomorrow.  Miles will be daytime drunk and will need someone to play his bass ala “A Farewell To Arms” (the improv game, not the overrated novel).

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[Come See The Band Alternately Described as “Fun!” and “Chaperone!”]

As I sit here in my bedroom (or, as it’s more commonly known, my apartment), watching M*A*S*H on mute while listening to Destroyer records, I’m struck by the fact that, in this world, few things are guaranteed.  The sun rises and sets, the tides wax and wane, Alan Alda is perpetually handsome, my cats vomit on dry-clean only clothes; but, short of that, we are promised very little.  We, here in Chaperone, are aiming to change that.

We’d like to promise you a good time (not necessarily in a sexy way).

At every show, through every song, with every broken string and missed cue, we’d like to make sure that you feel the same degree of joy that we do, the self-same extraordinary amount.

Come put our promise to the test at one of the eighteen-thousand shows we’re playing this April, the first of which is taking place at The Beat Kitchen on April 9th with blackgrass superheroes O’Death.

Be there so we can shower you with affection and admiration.

Thou art our joy,


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