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[As tempting as it was to post a picture of John Boehner here, I have a feeling that we’ll all be seeing far too much of him in the next two years.]

Those who know me well, and, if you’re a frequent reader of this blog, I count you among that number, know that I am little more than a ball of tears constantly threatening to burst.   Here is a small list of things that have made me cry uncontrollably:

      • A League of Their Own
      • Several commercials for Applebees
      • “February” by Dar Williams
      • Where the Wild Things Are
      • Almost every episode of The Gilmore Girls
      • Etc…

And, for comparison, a list of things that did not make me cry:

      • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II

As such, I figure it’s only proper to keep you all abreast on the things that make me weepy.

This weeks edition comes to us care of the trailer for Mike Leigh’s (Secrets and Lies, Happy-Go-Lucky) newest film, Another Year.  Leigh is an incredibly talented filmmaker whose ability to conjure crushing sadness is matched only by his acumen for achieving heights of quiet elation previously unknown to humankind.

So, on a scale from 1 to “that-hallmark-commercial-where-the-elderly-woman-doesn’t-get-any-mail-so-the-single-mother-and-her-son-who-live-across-the-street-send-her-a-card-only-to-have-her-respond-by-giving-the-boy-a-mason-jar-of-soup-which-he-brings-to-his-mom-with-the-phrase-‘Mrs.-Masini-gave-this-to-me,-I-think-she-was-crying.'” this trailer is about a three.

What’s made you cry openly in public this week?  Was it the music of Todd Rundgren?

I hope so,



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