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[Superheroes for life, until our shows vanish.]

We need you here tomorrow.  Miles will be daytime drunk and will need someone to play his bass ala “A Farewell To Arms” (the improv game, not the overrated novel).


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[In Which Love Will Keep Us Together.]

The autumn is upon us, which means it’s time to pull on your sweaters, turn your iPods to Yo La Tengo, and join Chaperone at the Double Door on September 17th.

That’s right, on Saturday, we will be playing with noted (yet not convicted) ladykillers Archie Powell and the Exports, as well as the dazzling Singing in the Avery, and the exemplary Bright Light Social Hour.  The show starts at eight, and may be your last chance to catch Archie and the Gang for a while.  So, put on a sensible scarf and join us at the Double Door.

Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=260403560655168

We will see you there, or we will never, ever speak to you again,

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[Come See The Band Alternately Described as “Fun!” and “Chaperone!”]

As I sit here in my bedroom (or, as it’s more commonly known, my apartment), watching M*A*S*H on mute while listening to Destroyer records, I’m struck by the fact that, in this world, few things are guaranteed.  The sun rises and sets, the tides wax and wane, Alan Alda is perpetually handsome, my cats vomit on dry-clean only clothes; but, short of that, we are promised very little.  We, here in Chaperone, are aiming to change that.

We’d like to promise you a good time (not necessarily in a sexy way).

At every show, through every song, with every broken string and missed cue, we’d like to make sure that you feel the same degree of joy that we do, the self-same extraordinary amount.

Come put our promise to the test at one of the eighteen-thousand shows we’re playing this April, the first of which is taking place at The Beat Kitchen on April 9th with blackgrass superheroes O’Death.

Be there so we can shower you with affection and admiration.

Thou art our joy,


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[I Never Make Plans That Far Ahead.]

It’s one of the sad facts of our lives that we are, eternally, a band of last minute plans.  From our sordid personal lives to our ill-fated and poorly reviewed Improvised Space Jazz Oddessy (“Future Prog 2025”), Chaperone is a bunch of ill-planned (and, for at least one of us, illiterate) ne’er-do-wells.

However, on occasion, our complete lack of foresight pays off.  Wednesday, July 21st, is one of those ocassions.

Due to the manipulations of “The World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” (up yours, Olivia Wilde!) Greta Morgan, Chaperone will be playing at the Beat Kitchen on the 21st.  Doors at 8PM.  Michael Runion headlines.  Fun will ensue. 

So, please, drop whatever you’re doing on Wednesday and pick up a tamborine.  Because, frankly, we can’t do this without you.


[Never reference a great movie in the middle of your crappy blog,]

-Miles + Chaperone

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[Sorry, this post is not an in depth exploration of NKOTB lyrics.]

All ages venues are an essential part of any music scene.  They not only allow people under the age of 18 to be exposed to great (and terrible) music, but they help maintain a sense of community.  I’m not sure where I would be, musically or otherwise, without access to venues that not only supported the bands that played there, but the fans that went to see them, regardless of whether or not said fans could grow a mustache (side note: I still cannot grow a mustache).

Unfortunately, due to reasons both cynical and circumspect, all ages venues are slowly disappearing, like Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man, only with far less misogyny.  However, there are great people who are taking strides to reverse this trend.

I quote Jessica Hopper:

Real life friends at the All-Ages Movement Project are in the running to get 50,000$ grant from ye olde Pepsi Co to do a bunch good work and mentorship and initatives all over the country to support DIY community show spaces etc. The hitch is you have to vote everyday, not just once, for the next week or so. You do it here.

Please take some time to vote for the All-Ages Movement Project, and, hopefully, your kids can see god-awful (and truly amazing) noise rock bands in a safe and communal space.  I know it seems like I’m being glib, but please know that this is incredibly important to me, and should be to you too.  Kids or no kids.

Up the punx and such,


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