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[I Never Make Plans That Far Ahead.]

It’s one of the sad facts of our lives that we are, eternally, a band of last minute plans.  From our sordid personal lives to our ill-fated and poorly reviewed Improvised Space Jazz Oddessy (“Future Prog 2025”), Chaperone is a bunch of ill-planned (and, for at least one of us, illiterate) ne’er-do-wells.

However, on occasion, our complete lack of foresight pays off.  Wednesday, July 21st, is one of those ocassions.

Due to the manipulations of “The World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” (up yours, Olivia Wilde!) Greta Morgan, Chaperone will be playing at the Beat Kitchen on the 21st.  Doors at 8PM.  Michael Runion headlines.  Fun will ensue. 

So, please, drop whatever you’re doing on Wednesday and pick up a tamborine.  Because, frankly, we can’t do this without you.


[Never reference a great movie in the middle of your crappy blog,]

-Miles + Chaperone


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