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[Let’s Just Call It ‘Smell Ya Later’.]

Hey. Yeah. I know. Let’s move on.

After what seems like a blissful eternity, our own Shaylah Kloska, friend to man and animal, has decided to step down from her post as Chaperone’s most talented and well-loved member.

It’s with a heavy, yet happy heart that we tell her here, in the public forum of the internet, that we love her with the entirety of our being. From heel to head. Stem to stern. Root Chakra to whatever the topmost Chakra is. Shaylah, you’ve been an inspiration and we are going to miss you desperately.

Please join all of us in saying ‘so long, farewell, etc…’ to Shaylah (and the current incarnation of Chaperone) at The Beat Kitchen on January 28th, which is also, coincidentally, Shaylah’s birthday. Presents are encouraged. As is cake.

Tickets are available at The Beat Kitchen’s website, and all of your friends are invited. Even the one with the eyepatch.

This is going to be one for the books.


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[…Death comes in the night on little cat’s feet.]

Some art, by its nature, is meant to be processed, studied.  It pulls us in by fits and starts. Holds and haunts us.  Other art, however, is striking for its immediacy.  For the fleeting moment of recognition that rings something within us that is ancient, primal.  Its the paintings that assault the senses, the films that grip us tightly by gut and throat, the novels that refuse sit on our shelves, but demand to be read and reread until the pages are worn and the typeface smuged.

In music, it is the tiny and grand moments that flare our attention, that cause us to suddenly and wholly know that this song, this artist, this genre, is something that we love.  “You Had Me At…” explores the musical moments that have kicked me in my tiny little ass, and rung bone on bone.

Andrew W.K., for all intents and purposes, is heaven sent (don’t you dare forget).

In interviews, he is thoughtful, humble, and shy.  On stage, he is a blur of bloodied energy.  He is a classically-trained pianist who writes face-melting licks, a poet who finds beauty in brevity.  He is also, most importantly, undyingly sincere and unrepentantly goofy.

“The McLaughlin Groove” was the moment where I tumbled over the line from liking Andrew W.K. (as a friend!) to loving him with an obsessiveness that borders on obscene.  It exemplifies everything that makes Andrew W.K. so damn loveable.  Humor and hooks in a perfect union.  Squealing synths and pulsing guitars.  Virulent enthusiasm.  Its what joy would sound like if pressed through a strainer of awesome.

On a side note, Andrew W.K. is all sorts of dreamy.

So, here’s to you Andrew, wherever (whomever?) you may be.  You had me at “the next man on the moon will be Chinese”.


[For the record, I was originally going to write this about the lines in “She is Beautiful” that I once interpreted as “And, though I never know you, I look at your face, falalalalala, don’t know what to say.”  Apparently, for the past ten years, I’d been creating a joke where there isn’t one, the actual lyrics are “to tell you that I love you, don’t know what to say.”  I am, in point of fact, an idiot.  Or brilliant.]

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