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[You’re right.  It’s been far too long.]

I am a man who’s made mistakes.  Some small (“why, yes, I’d love to try a sip of your Mad Dog 20/20”), some brobdingnagian (“$140,000 dollars in student debt?  Sounds good, so long as I can use some of the cash irresponsibly and buy all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls on DVD”).

However, there are few I things regret more than losing contact with you, darling, especially since we have oh so much to discuss.


-Chaperone will be playing in Milwaukee this Friday.  As per usual, we’ll be in the loving arms of Frank’s Powerplant.  Joining us will be Dylan Kloska (nepotism: not just for the monarchy anymore), Derek Dunn of the .357 String Band and The Highlonesome .

Clearly, this show is going to be a raucous, jug-blowing affair.  Bonus points, Tierney Irizarry will be there.  Flame on.


We are now less than a month away from our E.P. release party, in which we, along with Dastardly and Elephant Gun, will create a dance party so viciously uninhibited, Saint Vitus himself will weep.

Mark it: On October 14th, we’re gonna party like it’s 1857 and the last military Shogunate of Japan has just stepped down, reestablishing a civilian government.  Ain’t no party like a “Farewell to Tokugawa” party ’cause a “Farewell to Tokugawa” party places its faith in the glorious emperor.  Just ask James Clavell.

However, we can’t do it without your beautiful bodies and beaming faces.  So, please, head here for tickets.



Irregular updates to follow.

When a woman loves, she loves for real,



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