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[Superheroes for life, until our shows vanish.]

We need you here tomorrow.  Miles will be daytime drunk and will need someone to play his bass ala “A Farewell To Arms” (the improv game, not the overrated novel).


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[In which we gladly take a backseat to our friends and compatriots.]

There is something to be said for revelation, for those moments of import, both out-sized and minuscule, in which your perception changes.  This weekend provided several of those moments, and they were all a pleasure.

For those who don’t know (which, given my typical lack of updating, may be most of you), Chaperone had the pleasure of spending this weekend on the road, playing in Milwaukee, Dubuque and Madison.  Two of these shows were spent in the pleasant company of our dear friends Dastardly.

Let me say this, let this be known, Dastardly is incredible.  And they only continue to grow in both talent and my estimation.  It’s hard for me to express the very distinct joy I have in being upstaged nightly by these adorable ragamuffins.  It is a joy that you can share if you’re able to make it to their CD release show this coming Thursday, and one you can enjoy daily if you purchase one of said CDs.

Trust me, this EP is the beginning of something huge.  I do not say this lightly or in jest.

To reiterate, Dastardly = Too Damn Good, and inspire me to work harder, and, for that, they have my gratitude.

Other revelations were less earth-shattering, certainly, but, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll share them with you:

  • Couches are not always more comfortable than floors.
  • A stripped down Jon Drake and the Shakes is equally as impressive as the fully Shaked Drake.
  • Eating nothing but cheese and bread for three days straight is not nearly as appealing a concept as it sounds.
  • Dancing with oneself may suit Billy Idol, but I’d much prefer dancing with Shaylah, Mark and the obscenely cute cocktail waitress at the Busted Lift.
  • The kindness on display in every single town we stop at is an affirmation of humanity’s decency, it is refreshing.  Heartening.  Beautiful.  All of you (Dastardly, JD+TS, Pioneer, Jackie, Arielle, Alec, Wendy, Paul, and on and on and on), please, never change.  You are what makes this worth doing.  Well, you and the complimentary robes at Dubuque’s Hotel Julien.

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[You’re right.  It’s been far too long.]

I am a man who’s made mistakes.  Some small (“why, yes, I’d love to try a sip of your Mad Dog 20/20”), some brobdingnagian (“$140,000 dollars in student debt?  Sounds good, so long as I can use some of the cash irresponsibly and buy all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls on DVD”).

However, there are few I things regret more than losing contact with you, darling, especially since we have oh so much to discuss.


-Chaperone will be playing in Milwaukee this Friday.  As per usual, we’ll be in the loving arms of Frank’s Powerplant.  Joining us will be Dylan Kloska (nepotism: not just for the monarchy anymore), Derek Dunn of the .357 String Band and The Highlonesome .

Clearly, this show is going to be a raucous, jug-blowing affair.  Bonus points, Tierney Irizarry will be there.  Flame on.


We are now less than a month away from our E.P. release party, in which we, along with Dastardly and Elephant Gun, will create a dance party so viciously uninhibited, Saint Vitus himself will weep.

Mark it: On October 14th, we’re gonna party like it’s 1857 and the last military Shogunate of Japan has just stepped down, reestablishing a civilian government.  Ain’t no party like a “Farewell to Tokugawa” party ’cause a “Farewell to Tokugawa” party places its faith in the glorious emperor.  Just ask James Clavell.

However, we can’t do it without your beautiful bodies and beaming faces.  So, please, head here for tickets.



Irregular updates to follow.

When a woman loves, she loves for real,


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