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[In which we discover that ‘Miles’ is Latin for Liar.]

I do my best to disappoint, and, more often than not, succeed admirably.  Whether it be my overwhelmingly long stay in college or my disheartening reading WPM, I’m the king of letting everyone down.  But, my darlings, nothing haunts me more than promising updates and failing to deliver.
Because, not only am I lying, but lying on the internet.  That’s like vomiting on the truth and then forcing the truth to eat it.
So, here is the first in what will become a bi-daily cycle of updates, and it’s filled with goodies.

Goodie One:

Chaperone will be performing on the Magic Hat Main Stage at the Milwaukee Ave. Arts Fest on July 24th.  It’ll be our first performance in an awful long time, and not only will I bite every other member of the group, there will be new songs, all of which feature a vocal and bells breakdown.  Just like a real band!

Goodie Two:

Our first EP as a full, semi-cohesive unit, “Cripple King”, is mastered, and it sounds, dare I say, like Phyllis Diller’s laugh: a little rough, a little alarming, but full of life, vitality and humor (or, for you Anglophiles and Ancient Greeks, humour.)  The Boy has completed the cover art, and it will all be fit to be pressed soon.  Which leads to…

Goodie Three:

We’ll be playing a two-day CD release extravaganza in the two cities that have always been home to us ragamuffins.  The first will be on the 17th at Franks Power Plant in Milwaukee.  The second will be in Chicago, though the details are still being starch pressed.

Goodie Four:

The new Wavves album is extraordinary.

Goodie Mob:

You are all too beautiful to live,

-Miles and Chaperone

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If you’re keeping track, I’m writing this at 1:51 am.

I’m listening to Breathe Owl Breathe.

I just got done writing a new song.

It’s a few simple chords.  A melody.

It’s something that, all things considered, I’m proud of.

It’s also, unfortunately, “The Gayest of Sunbeams” by The Pink Mountaintops.


-Miles (doesn’t deserve a paper crown)

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This is just to say hello, and to let you know:

  • We’ll be in Wisconsin on the 8th.  Franks Power Plant.  There will be cookies.

  • We’ll be in Chicago on the 9th.  Schubas.  Again, there will be cookies.

  • Miles smells like cabbage, mostly in the foot area.

  • We’re still in the process of getting the 7″ pressed and mastered.  To be frank (and French), we’re damn excited for this release, and are working our tiny little asses off to make it musically and aesthetically pleasing.  In short, we’re covering it in the soft inside lining of new sweatshirts.

  • We’ll be coming to the DAAC[!] in February.  The show will be on the 20th, which, coincidentally, is also Miles’ sister’s birthday.  It’s going to be amazing, and Miles will be wearing Michigan paraphernalia for the entirety of the concert.  In truth, he misses and loves all of you, and hopes you can make it out.

  • Lastly, this.  Get horrified and enjoy!

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You’ve made it, and we’re so glad you’re here.

There’s nothing we encourage more than interaction (other than puzzle-solving, which we encourage a great deal), so, please, sign-in and make your presence felt.  We can talk about the weather, or how the weather used to be.

If typing in public gives you the vapors, feel free to email us.

Well, that’s about all.  Good luck and Godspeed,


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